More than just SEO

Done properly, SEO is part of a unified digital marketing strategy. And just as SEO has evolved, so have we link building and ranking will obviously always be important, but they’re no longer the ‘be-all-and-end-all’ they once were.

We think of them more as critical offerings in a broader, holistic service with one simple goal: To make your business more profitable. SEO now touches on virtually
every other marketing discipline.

Design, public relations, conversion, content strategy and advertising. That’s why, with every of our SEO package, you get professional service from people who take the time to understand your products and services and who are always on the look-out for ways to improve your bottom-line, even beyond SEO.


We act as a strategic partner for your business and can liaise with a dedicated marketing contact or multiple departments to synchronise your marketing activities and ensure everyone’s working towards the same goals.


These days, Search Engine Optimization is more than just a ranking thing. Good SEO is about
increasing your website traffic and getting more visitors to engage with your site – and ultimately
your business – in exactly the way you want them to.


So when a client tells us they want to rank for “car rental” or “cheap flights”, we treat it as just a conversation starter. The competition for the top spots in those searches is fierce. And the traffic could be better qualified. Your customers are searching for all sorts of phrases; the key is identifying how to bring you the most revenue, not the most traffic. You might be better of targeting
a more specific phrase, or simply optimising your content to convert more of the traffic you’re already getting.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. When we speak with you, we’ll recommend an approach that’s affordable but still gives you the business uplift you’re after.


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